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Courtroom Skills 5 February425.00

Date and Time

One day course: Tuesday 5 February


About the Course

There are many circumstances in which public sector employees are called to give evidence in legal forums; the prospect of being a witness in a legal case or process can be daunting. Learning how to present evidence and respond to questions under cross-examination in a legal forum is a key skill for any person required to appear as a witness. Delivering your evidence requires an understanding and familiarity of the processes involved in the different types of legal fora.

The process of cross-examination, which is a hallmark of our adversarial system, can call into question your own competence and challenge the veracity of the evidence that you deliver. Anticipating and dealing with effective cross-examination to ensure that the evidence that you deliver is not unwittingly undermined or misinterpreted is also incredibly important for a witness.

To address these challenges, this workshop will examine all aspects impacting on the performance of expert witnesses, whether in a civil or criminal court. It will also look at key legislation on the topic.

The day will have ample time for questions and discussion of the presented topics.

Learning Outcomes

Topics for discussion will include:

  • Structure of the Courts and Common Characteristics
  • The Courts and Evidence
  • Examination in Chief / Direct Evidence
  • Cross Examination
  • One-to-One Cross Examination & Feedback

Intended Audience 

This course is suitable for Public Sector Professionals that are required to provide evidence in court.

Course Tutor 

Michael Connellan BL is a practicing Barrister. He works primarily in the areas of Labour & Employment Law, Tort & Personal Injury Law and Criminal Law. Michael holds a Masters Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Edinburgh and is also a graduate of University College Dublin and The Honorable Society of King’s Inns.


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