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Interview Skills for Interview Panel Members 10 May425.00

Date and Time

1 day seminar: Friday 10 May


About the seminar

This course will help you understand and fulfil your role as an interviewer working on a Public Sector Interview Board (or Interview Panel). Whether you chair the Interview Board or are a member of the interview board, this course will provide you with the essential skills to fulfil your role thoroughly and in adherence with the relevant guidelines and legislation. It will help you develop your abilities to question and evaluate candidates in a fair and consistent way. It will help you find the best candidate(s) and feel confident about your role in shortlisting, interviewing and providing feedback for candidates.

Alternatively, if you are looking for training or coaching as a public sector candidate or applicant, you will find information about our Interview Skills for Interviewees here.

The course ensures that participants have a clear understanding of their responsibilities as interviewers or interview board members in the Public Sector. The course content is based on the Code of Practice for Appointments to Positions in the Civil Service & Public Service and the training content and advice adheres to the code. Participants will also understand the implications of the current legislation that governs good recruitment and interview practice (the Employment Equality Acts, Freedom of Information Acts and Data Protection Acts) and includes practical advice to ensure that interviewers are in adherence with this legislation.

Learning Outcomes

The main topics addressed in this programme are:

  • Understanding the structure of the interview and the role and responsibilities of the Chair and of the Board Members
  • Drafting appropriate interview questions with reference to the job description and/or competencies – focussing on competency questions, while situational and other questions are also discussed. Questions that should be avoided are also considered.
  • How best to question and probe candidates during the interview, with a focus on finding the evidence of required skills, knowledge and competencies to support the scoring and decision-making process.
  • Techniques and approaches to ensure candidates are given the best chance, while ensuring fairness and consistency.
  • Advice on completing appropriate and complete interview notes
  • Gathering relevant and appropriate feedback for candidates
  • Ensuring legislative requirements and CPSA guidelines are adhered to throughout the interview process
  • How to shortlist and considerations for the shortlisting process
  • How to ensure that scoring decisions are well informed, fair and documented appropriately

Course Tutor:

Tina Kinirons is a business psychologist who has extensive experience as an interview board member and is involved in both shortlisting and interviewing on behalf of several public sector organisations. She trains interview boards members and also delivers training courses to public sector candidates in interview preparation and writing application forms. She also coaches individual candidates and helps them complete application forms, CVs and prepare for interview. She holds a M.Sc. in Occupational Psychology.

You can read Tina's blog: Advice for Public Sector Interviewers- From One Interviewer to Another by clicking here


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