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Date and Time

Half-day seminar: Wednesday 20 November


About the seminar

The ability to take clear and concise minutes that accurately reflect the decisions taken and actions agreed at important meetings is an essential requirement for anyone working in the public sector. The aims of this highly practical seminar are to provide participants with the skills and tools to become effective minute-takers and to build personal confidence in their own abilities.
The workshop-style seminar covers the A to Z of taking minutes, from preparing effectively for a meeting to reviewing the finished minutes. Participants learn about best practice, including how to create an effective agenda, how to listen more effectively and ways to note salient points quickly and clearly. To achieve this, participants experience every stage of the minute-taking process, using guided role-play.

Learning Objectives

•Preparing effectively for a meeting
•Using a template to take clear, concise notes
•Listening more effectively (and understanding what to leave out)
•Using simple techniques to transform your writing style
•Incorporating useful phrases
•Creating an efficient structure and layout
•Editing and proofreading minutes

Intended Audience

This seminar is designed for those who are required to take minutes but have never received formal training as well as public sector employees who will have to take minutes in the future
and want to be able to understand and apply best practice. It will also be of interest to anyone who would like to polish their minute-taking skills.

Course Tutor

Sarah Marriott is a highly experienced trainer and former journalist who specialises in delivering Writing Skills courses for the public and private sectors.

Sarah has worked as a feature writer and sub-editor at The Irish Times. She has also been involved in training Irish Times editorial staff. She is a former lecturer on the MA in Journalism at Dublin Institute of Technology and is the author of Common Errors in Written English

To read Sarah Marriott’s blog piece on Minute-Taking, you can do so by clicking here