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Overview of GDPR 28 February425.00

Date and Time

One day course: Thursday 28 February


About the Course

For a more involved look at the main tenants of Data Protection and the GDPR, our full-day seminar dives a little deeper. This includes an examination of the role and responsibilities of the Data Protection Officer, a statutory requirement in the public sector.

There is also a practical exploration of Privacy Impact Assessments. As PIAs are recommended for all processing activities, it would be of use to managers or team members who are likely to be asked to participate in the undertaking of a PIA by the DPO in their organisation. Further, it will look at the requirements of organisations under Article 30 of the GDPR, which states that there should be adequate documentation for all data processing.

Learning Outcomes

• Rationale and Evolution of Data Protection Law

• Introduction to Key Concepts under the GDPR

• Understanding the GDPR’s Data Protection Principles

• Legal Basis for Processing

• The Rights of the Data Subject

• Exploring Accountability

• Sanctions and Penalties

• The Data Protection Officer

• Privacy Impact Assessments and Documenting Processing


Course Tutor

Sharon Dillon-Lyons BL

Sharon practices in civil litigation, including Tort and Contract Law. She has experience working in policy and compliance with non-governmental organisations, specifically in the legal duties of bodies including legislative compliance with Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Health and Safety. She also has experience of best practice tools to monitor implementation of policies, procedures and compliance with legal and contractual obligations.


Tailored Training 

All of our open programmes can also be run on an in-house basis. For more information, see our page on In-House Training.