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Report Writing 1st February295.00

Report writing is an invaluable skill. The ability to plan and write effective reports is an essential requirement for anyone working in the public sector.

Writing successful reports involves communicating information, facts and arguments as quickly, clearly and concisely as possible. Using the new industry standard of Plain English, with a professional tone, is the best way to make an impact with all your writing.

The aim of this workshop is to give participants the tools and confidence to create reports that are well-structured, suitable for their intended audiences, clearly written and that achieve their objectives.


Learning Outcomes

  • Creating strong, readable, professional reports
  • Planning a report by focusing on the target audience and the objective
  • Drafting quickly and efficiently
  • Writing clearly and concisely
  • Using grammar and structure to clearly convey messages
  • Making complex information comprehensible, using plain English with a professional tone
  • Ensuring reports look accessible and reader-friendly

Your Trainer: 

Sarah Marriott is a highly experienced trainer and former journalist who specialises in delivering Writing Skills courses for the public and private sectors.

Sarah has worked as a feature writer and sub-editor at The Irish Times. She has also been involved in training Irish Times editorial staff. She is a former lecturer on the MA in Journalism at Dublin Institute of Technology and is author of Common Errors in Written English.