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Resilience & Well being Springboard425.00

A Guide to Managing Stress, Building Resilience and Maintaining Well-being


Creating a positive sense of well-being, and resilience at an individual level, is a goal that every business is looking to achieve. But what does that look like and how can it be done? In this one-day workshop you will learn how you can personally contribute to creating a wellness culture back in your office. You will gain a better understanding of stress both good and bad and become aware of your own personal triggers and how to disable them.

You will develop techniques and traits to withstand the pressures of everyday life, build and maintain resilience when faced with a challenge and create a personal plan to maintain a balance.



  • Stress and Performance – An Understanding
  • Mind over Matter – The Thought Process
  • The Impact of Stress on the Body
  • What makes us Different
  • Dealing with Stress Buttons
  • Resilience – A Holistic Approach
  • The Stop-Start Recharge Plan




Liz Kearney is a professional trainer and qualified business coach specialising in well-being in the workplace. She has worked as an associate trainer with Aware for the last 5 years delivering programmes on stress, anxiety and depression to Corporates, schools and adult groups. She holds a diploma in psychology is a qualified financial adviser, a certified coach and an accredited DiSC psychometric practitioner.





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