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About our Update Series

Legislation, regulation, standards, codes and best practices are constantly changing. Even for someone within an industry, it is important to stay abreast of any and all changes, in order to perform at your best in your role.

PAI operates under an ethos of encouraging and developing Lifelong Learning.

Our Update Series consists of one-off sessions that explain and discuss pertinent issues. These update sessions assume a prior knowledge of the subject, and are most beneficial to those already in an industry, who wishes to improve or update their knowledge.

Topics will often follow the introduction of legislation or regulations that will have wide-spread effects. Our Training team work closely with industry experts, on our Academic Council and throughout the rest of the organisation, to develop sessions that will be useful and timely.

3 CPD Points

Half day, 9am to 1pm


Tea and Coffee on arrival and at mid-morning break.

Upcoming Update Sessions

Dealing with Employees with Family Commitments; Maternity, Paternity and Parental Leave

Friday 2 March

This workshop not only explores the legal basis of protected leave, but also the practicalities of applying these principles within an organisation and ensuring your workplace is family-friendly. Attendees will also delve into strategies for reintegrating workers into the workplace following a period of protected leave.

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Update Series: Ensuring Best Practice in Managing HR Investigations

Wednesday 14 March

The need for HR investigations can arise in a myriad of situations. When they do, it is essential that HR professionals are equipped to undertake them effectively, efficiently and as objectively as possible. This workshop provides participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence that they need to commission, complete and manage HR investigations effectively and in accordance with well established legal and procedural principles.

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Managing Equality & Diversity in the Workplace

Thursday 22 March

As organisational landscapes change, the language and tools needed by HR professionals must change with them. This includes developing and maintaining effective tools for ensuring that a culture of acceptance and diversity is fostered and that the principle of equality is upheld throughout. This workshops explores the ways HR professionals can manage their workplace’s diversity and maintain equality.

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Judicial Review; Updates on Environmental and Planning Litigation

Friday 23 March

Recent litigation in the areas of planning and environmental matters are developing the way we must approach judicial reviews in these areas. This half-day workshop will examine some of the most recent and most impactful developments in these areas and highlight in the context of the current judicial review process in Ireland.

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Legal Professional Privilege

Friday 6 April

Special rules apply to Legal Professional Privilege within the context of public bodies. Recent developments in case law will be explored, with special attention given to the level of legal professional privilege that applies in the case of in-house counsel.

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Talent management – a practical public sector perspective

Friday 27 April

When long-time employees leave an organisation, they often take with them a lot of ‘tribal knowledge’ relevant not only to their role, but to the organisation as a whole. Through strategic HR methods, these departures can be planned for, and the impact lessened. This workshop helps attendees develop and implement a strong succession plan to ensure very little knowledge is lost when an employee moves on.

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