About our Update Series

Legislation, regulation, standards, codes and best practices are constantly changing. Even for someone within an industry, it is important to stay abreast of any and all changes, in order to perform at your best in your role.

PAI operates under an ethos of encouraging and developing Lifelong Learning.

Our Update Series consists of one-off sessions that explain and discuss pertinent issues. These update sessions assume a prior knowledge of the subject, and are most beneficial to those already in an industry, who wishes to improve or update their knowledge.

Topics will often follow the introduction of legislation or regulations that will have wide-spread effects. Our Training team work closely with industry experts, on our Academic Council and throughout the rest of the organisation, to develop sessions that will be useful and timely.

3 CPD Points

Half day, 9am to 1pm


Tea and Coffee on arrival and at mid-morning break.

Upcoming Update Sessions

Revised Paternity Rights & the Consolidation, with amendments, of all of the Family Leave Legislation

Thursday 27 April 2017

In September 2016, new legislation was introduced that afforded parents, other than the mother, rights to take leave from employment following the birth or adoption of a child. Applying this legislation can be difficult, as there are many different classes of parent awarded rights through the Act. This Update seminar looks at the new allowments for Paternity Leave, as well as exploring Maternity Leave and Parental Leave more generally. The seminar will be of particular interest to HR professionals. The Update will be led by Law Library barrister, Helen Murray.


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Construction Procurement

Friday 12 May 2017

Recently, changes have occurred in the regulatory and policy areas for procurement in the construction industry. Among them are the introduction of the 2016 Procurement Regulations and alterations to Public Works Contracts. This half-day update will discuss what has, or has not, changed with the procurement process, and the case law that backs up these changes. Delivered in association with Quigg Golden.

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Protecting Dignity at Work: Practical Guidance on Preventing Bullying and Harassment

Friday 19 May 2017

Maintaining Dignity at Work is not only good for workers, it is good for the organisation. Where there is behaviour that can be deemed to be harassment or bullying within the organisation, HR professionals must have a practical methodology for dealing with it. This half-day workshop will help attendees identify harmful behaviours and develop their own strategy for handling this in their workplace.

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Cost Benefit Analysis

Friday 16 June 2017

The Public Spending Code sets down requirements for getting the best value-for-money for all spending and investing done with public money. Those working in the public sector must be aware of, and comfortable abiding by, these requirements. There are tools in place that can measure not only monetary costs but also the benefits involved with all options. This update sessions will look at Cost Benefit Analyses and other tools that can help ensure maximum value-for-money.

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